Choosing the Best Limo Service in Richmond, VA

Hiring a limousine is not something that most people do every day! In fact, it is usually only something that’s done to provide transport for a very special event – a graduation, a special birthday or a wedding for example.

This then can provide for a pair of difficulties.

One, because this is a special occasion, such as a wedding, you will want the best, with no compromise on quality that could potentially ruin a big day.

At the same time, because hiring a limo is such a rare occurrence, we may not be well equipped to know if the company we are hiring is the best out there.

To that end then, here are some great tips so that you can be sure you’re hiring the best limousine service for your special day!

Check the Reviews!

Just as with any other service, one of the keys to finding the best companies is to listen to the reviews of previous satisfied (or unsatisfied) customers.

The company will probably be happy to provide testimonials itself, which is fine if you feel you can trust them. But in this day and age it is pretty easy to find reviews of companies online.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

If you can’t find many reviews online, then that could actually be a bit of a red flag in itself.

A company with no or few reviews suggests a company that has not been around for very long.

When it comes to a limo service however, it can really be beneficial to hire a company with experience. They will typically be able to keep to schedules, and anticipate any issues well in advance.

And hey, there’s also the old adage that a company that been around for years must be doing something right, like a friend of mine Shawn who runs a transportation business in RVA. You can find out what a good example site looks like at which is his website, or by searching you local area.

The Vehicle Fleet

More than any other part of the business, when it comes to luxury transportation companies the most important thing to know about is, well, their vehicles!

Of course, they come in all sizes, from one-man operations through to big corporate entities. So, the smaller the company, the smaller the fleet the less choice you will have.

On the other hand, a smaller company may well be able to make your experience that little bit more bespoke, however, if you’re looking for something like the video below shows, go with the big guys.

Trust Your Eyes

Finally, any service provider worth it’s salt will have a promotional website for you to browse. A big part of that website will no doubt be a gallery of images of the various vehicles in their limo fleet.

Whilst this can give you a great idea of the overall fleet quality, you shouldn’t only trust the images posted to a website.

A good limousine provider should have an established office at an address you can get to. Before you book anything, go down there and take a look at their limos with your own eyes – not through the filter of the company website!